25th of March : screening of the documentary "A choir that saves lives" at the festival of documentaries “Curieux Voyageurs” in Saint-Etienne. http://www.curieuxvoyageurs.com/film/un-choeur-qui-sauve-des-vies/

3rd of February : the team of Documenting 21C is invited at the RCF (radio) for the show “Boite à musique” presented by Florence Badol-Bertrand.


2000 views (french + english versions) in 48 hours!

The whole team of Documenting 21C thanks you for participating in the spreading of the documentary "A choir that saves lives". Thank to you, we recorded over ten thousand views on our Youtube channel!

Fall : preparation of the subtitles in English and Spanish of the documentary “Un chœur qui sauve des vies” - France

Summer : video editing of the documentary – France

Spring : shooting of a documentary with the Manado State University Choir (MSUC) and the Radcliffe Choir Society (RCA – Harvard University) [Read the article] – Indonesia


Fall and winter : filming of two documentaries [Read the article] – Madagascar

Spring : Documenting 21C is invited to the Yale University as part of the symposium “How music can change lives” [Read the Article] – USA

Prof André de Quadros
Boston University