18th of June : broadcast of the documentary “ A choir that saves lives “ and presentation of the action of Documenting 21C at the church of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château (Loire - France).

25th of May : broadcast of the documentary “ A choir that saves lives “ and presentation of the action of Documenting 21C at the XIIth “Musicales” of Gerzat (Puy-de-Dôme - France).

From the 11th and the 22nd of May : Documenting 21C on tour [Read the article] Israel and Palestine.

16th of May : concert of the Malagasy Gospel at the “cinéma Family” in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert (Loire - France) followed by the broadcast of the documentary “ A choir that saves lives “.

16th of April : broadcast of the documentary “ A choir that saves lives “ during the International Youth Choir Festival at Chelsea’s stadium. England

7th of April : broadcast of the documentary “ A choir that saves lives “ and presentation of the action of Documenting 21C in Agnin (Isère - France)

25th of March : screening of the documentary "A choir that saves lives" at the festival of documentaries “Curieux Voyageurs” in Saint-Etienne. http://www.curieuxvoyageurs.com/film/un-choeur-qui-sauve-des-vies/

3rd of February : the team of Documenting 21C is invited at the RCF (radio) for the show “Boite à musique” presented by Florence Badol-Bertrand.


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The whole team of Documenting 21C thanks you for participating in the spreading of the documentary "A choir that saves lives". Thank to you, we recorded over ten thousand views on our Youtube channel!

Fall : preparation of the subtitles in English and Spanish of the documentary “Un chœur qui sauve des vies” - France

Summer : video editing of the documentary – France

Spring  : shooting of a documentary with the Manado State University Choir (MSUC) and the Radcliffe Choir Society (RCA – Harvard University) [Read the article] – Indonesia


Fall and winter : filming of two documentaries [Read the article] – Madagascar

Spring  : Documenting 21C is invited to the Yale University as part of the symposium “How music can change lives” [Read the Article] – USA



The « Malagasy Gospel » is a choir that allows 200 youth living in extreme poverty to receive health care, an education, as well as the joy to live through music and singing. The young choral singers of the Malagasy Gospel all come from disadvantaged districts of Tuléar (the south-west of Madagascar).

In a country considered as one of the poorest of the world, the youth from the Great Island have a high drop-out rate, and are thus highly exposed to forced work and prostitution.

In 2007, Eau de Coco and its local partner, Bel Avenir, decided to start, as an annex to their schooling program, a small singing activity. The goal was to keep the girls far from the street and its danger, offering them to share a creative and fun moment.

This was originally planned to be just a small extra-curricular activity but it gave birth to an engaged and hope-filled show.

Rehearsal after rehearsal, the instructors of that activity pointed out exceptional talents.

With no experience other than traditional songs or pop hits, about 20 girls and 2 blind boys have revealed their natural gifts for gospel and the stage!

Motivated by the enthusiasm of these young people and their families, the association decided to create a choir and a show based on their common experiences.

The « Malagasy Gospel » was born.

After a year of rehearsal and great stage work, the troop made its first tour in Spain in 2008.

The annual tours give the young singers the chance to become ambassadors of the international cause of Children’s rights.


The documentary pitch :


Documenting 21C’s editorial committee chose to plunge into the international news stage with regards to the following issue:

« How can accessible musical practice help with the reconstruction and development of young victims of extreme poverty?”

The purpose of our documentary film is to completely immerse into the daily life context of those children from the Malagasy Gospel Choir and to observe how, in that disadvantaged area, musical practice can help their intellectual, psycho-emotional, relational, corporal and artistic development.

Those children, and the adults who accompany them, tour Europe regularly. Our documentary will also put into light the phenomenal impact those young singers make on others with regards to the question of children’s rights and the fundamental issues of musical practice made accessible to youth in a situation of extreme poverty.

In September 2015, our team will go to Madagascar to benevolently make that documentary to help them to communicate and develop their action.

The global project costs 20,000 €; we are already funded for 16,000 €

There is still the sum of 4,000 € to finance.


By giving your help to this project :


You help that choir to communicate better and to develop their action

You help to valorize a different look upon artistic practice

You help to transform our society towards a more peaceful world…