Why Documenting 21C?

All the members of the Documenting 21C team share the conviction that access to artistic practice as a fundamental human right of expression is an essential tool to transforming society.

Through abondant travel, we have all been participating in or organizing numerous artistic or educative projects and thus realised that throughout the world, many people are carrying extraordinary artistic or educative projects trying to rebuild spaces of expression where they have disappeared; projects which bring a more lateral, participative and collaborative vision.

Those exemplary projects (in conflict areas, extreme poverty, privation of liberty, hospitals, etc...) participate in giving back joy, hope, lost dignity and sometimes even contribute to saving lives. Unfortunately these initiatives are often unknown or not well-valued and their carriers have only limited ressources and not enough knowledge to communicate their action.

Filled with these convictions and strengthened by these findings, we created Documenting 21C to illuminate these types of projects and to help those who carry them, and to inspire 21st Century actors to get their action into that line : artists, musicians, social actors, politicians...


How does Documenting 21C act ?

Through its international network, which is still developing, Documenting 21C is on the outlook: they locate and select exemplary projects. Then they go on site to meet, film and give speech to the actors and to the beneficiaries of those initiatives.

What does Documenting 21C offer ?

Documenting 21C offers to artists, NGOs, social/educative world actors the possibility to produce inexpensive documentaries through a lateralized, participatory and cooperative economic model.

Documenting 21C also offers to provide its international network to help project carriers to make new contacts.


In the past few years, our team has already gathered numerous testimonies throughout the world. You can appreciate a bit of this work on a trailer that gives a look at the different aspects of our editorial line.

By helping Documenting 21C you participate in enhancing that outlook on the world, you participate in transforming our society into a more pacified world.